3 Floors Elevator Trainer

I. Technical parameter
1.AC power :single phase AC220V±10% 50Hz; with protect three-core sockets(ISO standard)
2. Temperature: -10℃~40℃; environment humidity: ≤90%(25℃);
3.Whole capacity: ≤200VA
4.Dimension: 310×300×580(mm)
II. Safety
Transparent mechanical protection measures, avoid directly connect, elevator up protection and down protection, valid protection.

Deskripsi Produk

This trainer supply various function detecting singles of modern elevator control equipment, control actuator and display components. Detecting signal can be divided into External Call signal ,inner select single, flat bed signal, position detect signal, car gate open and close position signal, etc. It can be divided into up and down function, car gate have the function of switch, and position protection. Display every floor and current car gate position display, function direction display, external call, inner selection, line direction display external call and selected signal and response. All the interface in the set use 4mm safety sockets to connect to the control panel. There are 3 control method (PLC control, MCU control, PC control), it can fulfill all the system control function.
Auto function use MCU control, direct start elevator control external panel and elevator control external button display panel to control elevator function.
When there is PLC control input and output interface to up machine communication interface, it can connect PLC to control the elevator function.
You can use turn switch to SA1, you can change the control method as MCU control /PLC control /PC control.
There is up machine monitor, can directly monitor elevator function.

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