– 40 ℃ Ultra low temperature freezer

The exact temperature controller imported microcomputer, the inside temperature -10 °C ~ -25 °C free setting Digital temperature display, grasp the operating status at any time.

Deskripsi Produk

Safety control system:

The keyboard lock and password protection to prevent the arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters

Start delay, stop spacing and other protection, to ensure reliable operation; fast freezing function

Personalized Design:

Arc angle frames and boxes, elegant; safety lock designed to prevent them at will; cabinets with wire frame basket, easy to store items

Optional EPS Emergency Power Supply

Model The total effective volume Storage temperature Output power (W) Dimensions
(D x W x H)mm
Climate Type Refrigeration Weight (kg)
DW-YW110A 110 -10°C~-25°C 145 549*549*845 N Direct Cooling 31
DW-YW166A 166 160 556*906*937 46
DW-YW196A 196 180 556*1056*937 51
DW-YW226A 226 207 556*1206*937 56
DW-YW358A 358 320 730*1204*968 82
DW-YW508A 508 375 730*1554*968 100

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