Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer – K9840

Adopting the widely accepted Kjeldahl nitrogen method, K9840 Kjeldahl analyzer automatically determines the nitrogen content in samples. With the help from the fully intelligent software, the lab technicians can easily perform the distillation to samples within a few minutes. The users-friendly design is manifested in the complete safety systems. The preset amount of reagent can be added automatically and the machine can be operated in unmanned manner while all kinds of operation conditions can be tested intelligently.

The automatic cleaning systems of distillation and condensation make the measurement more accurate. Equipped with multi-language versions which will serve you better in your own language.

Deskripsi Produk

1. Random switching between manual and auto modes
2. Automatic control addition quantity for boric acid and distilled water
3. Manual and auto intelligent software system
4. Software in multi-language version for widely-used scope
5. Streamlined design feels more cordial
6. Thoughtful design for security system
7. Free set for distilling time
8. High-resolution, 5.2-inch LCD Screen
9. Automatic cleaning for tubes and distillation system
10. Real-time detection and control for pressure of cooling water
11. Function of detection and warning for nitrogen determine tube and collecting
12. cup when they not in right position
13. Detection and control for temperature and pressure of distillation system
14. Emergency-stop function for dealing with emergent needs.

Measurement scope    0.1~240mg Nitrogen
Nitrogen Recovery Rate above    99.5%
Repetition Accuracy:    0.5%(CV)
Measuring weight Solid sample   < 6 g
Liquid sample   < 16 ml
Distilling speed less than 5 minutes for finishing distilling one sample
Distilling time free setting (within 1 hour)
Cooling water consuming 1.5L per minute
Operating modes Auto / Manual
Displaying 5.1 inches high-resolution LCD screen
Auto control adding alkali solution , boric acid , distilling Water
Power AC  175~265V   1600 w
Rated voltage 220V A.C 50HRated   50HZ
Rated current   6 A
Size 400mm* 361mm*746mm

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