Blanking Machine

Blanking Machine

Deskripsi Produk

EN 10002, ASTM A 370, ISO 6892, JIS Z2201

Specimen Blanking Press – TT-SBM-1000 from Torontech is specially designed to prepare tensile specimens for tensile test. The blanking machine is easy to operate and an ideal machine for mass preparation of tensile specimens and circular blanks from all ferrous and nonferrous metals. The machine is available to fit all international standards, custom dimensions and applications and comes with replaceable blanking tools.


  • Interchangeable and customizable blanking tools to meet any requirements on specimen dimensions and standards including EN 10002, ASTM A 370, ISO 6892, JIS Z2201
  • Double side extendable table on sides and
  • Easy to replace blanking tools
  • Automatic collection of blanked out samples
  • Specially treated cutting tool to ensure accurate cutting quality and long working life.
  • Ergonomic design for smoother and convenient operation

Technical Specification Specimen Blanking Press – TT-SBM-1000


Model & Specification: Specimen Blanking Press TT-SBM-1000
Capacity (kN) 1,000
Specimen dimensions (mm) 0.2~3.0 (thickness)
90-95 (width)
Blanking speed (pcs/min) 12~15
Dimensions (mm) 1500x960x1620
Power (kW) 3phase – 50~60 Hz
Weight (kg) 1,500

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