BTP-300KN cupping testing machine

BTP-300 cupping testing machine is mainly used for Sheet metal ductility testing, one of manufacturability test, at the same time, also, we can use it to measure limited curve of sheet metal and thin strip metal, and for example, Nakajim and Marciniak test. This machine use hydraulic pressure to clamp, and servo motor to stamp, stamping speed can be set before test, the whole process is automatic, we just need to press the button. Machine will stop work when the crack appears. And the test data will be recorded on computer by LCD screen, including Max stamping force and deformation height, and the height can be set too.

Deskripsi Produk

This machine uses servo motor to drive reducer, then synchronous toothed belt drive ball screws to realize transmission, it is steady and speed is accuracy. The load will be record every time, so it is convenient to the time when crack appears. When the sample is clamped, the system will send signal to make stamping system work. Cup drawing fixture is open structure, convenient to observe whether crack occurs. We design a Sphere self-aligning structure, to make sure sample bear stress evenly.


1. computer, camera to get more accurate judgment.

2. BVE system: to get three dimensional deformation measurement, to make FLC test


l Can set the depth and load

l Use ballscrew, high accuracy

l High coaxial degree.

l FPGA, Single Chip and with 100 m data processing speed to make sure data won’t be missed

l Collecting and processing data at the same time, Control stability efficient

l Special differential circuit, power and peripheral interface full isolation design, anti-interference ability

l Through the special differential circuit with FPGA internal pure hardware high precision digital displacement device makes test results more accurate and reliable;

l Two way and a high precision AD collection, stamping load and clamping force is more exquisite,

l 7 inch TFT industry true color touch display, graphics beautiful, operating more humanization;

l Electrical design satisfy EMC safety standards

l limit position protection, full scale overload protection function


Model BTP-300
Cup drawing Display error 0.01mm
Max force 300kN
Clamp force 300kN
Clamping force relative error ±2%
Test force range 2%~100%
Test force display error ±1%
Displacement resolution 0.002mm
Stamping stroke 120mm
Clamp stroke 40mm
Stamping speed 130mm/min
Plate maximum width 200mm
power 3.7kW/AC380V/50Hz
frame 930mmx1260mmx1400mm
weight About 1800kg

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