Coin Cell Disc Punching

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1 TOB-CPJ-01 Coin Cell Disc Punching Machine  is a newly designed button battery electrode cutting machine with lighter weight. The disk cutter is suitable for various types of coin cells such as CR2032,CR2025,and CR2016 with Customized cutter die from 10mm to 24mm

2 It is a pure manual cutting machine, mainly used for for higher colleges and enterprises experimental line.

3 It can also be worked in glove box with smaller volume.

 Model  Coin Cell Disc Punching Machine  TOB-CPJ-01
Suitable Battery CR2016, CR2025, CR2032 and other battery
Cutting Accuracy ±0.015mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 420*350*320mm
Weight 28kg
Shipping Weight 35kg
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support


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