DHG-9023A(1) Electric Blast Drying Oven

Deskripsi Produk

1 The TOB-DHG-9023A(1)  Electric Blast Drying Oven is mainly used For scientific research units, specialty universities, laboratories, industrial mining enterprises etc and production field for materials drying and heat treatment.

2 This Forced air drying oven adopts high quality cold rolled steel sheet, with strong rust resistance. The inner material is stainless steel, easy cleaning.

3 Reasonable hot air circulation channel is designed in the cabinet, so that the temperature distribution in the cabinet is more even, temperature rise faster. Equipped with adjustable air outlet, for adjusting the in and out of the air in the cabinet. And also can output the bad air with connecting a pipe outside work place.

4 Temperature control is microcomputer intelligent digital technology controller with PID function and LED display.

5 The 30 segment programmable temperature controller is with time and temperature setting in sectional with sound alarm.

Model Electric Blast Drying Oven  TOB-DHG-9023A(1)
Source voltage 110V/220V 50HZ
Power  750W
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Work box size 300*300*270(mm)
Oven size 500*450*440(mm)
Temperature range RT+10~250℃,
Temperature resolution ±0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature controller 30 segment programmable temperature controller. 

Self tuning function. The timing time can up to 9999 minutes

Inner box material High quality mirror stainless steel plate, round shape, smooth surface, easy to clean
Outside material High quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface electrostatic spray, hard and firm coat,

with strong anti rust ability

Sensor A grade PT100 Platinum resistance
Heat pressure layer High quality insulation system, inner box, inner shell,ultra-fine glass fiber,

Aluminum foil aluminum reflector, air – interlayer from inside to outside.

Observe window The box door are provided with double-layer tempered glass observation window,

can observe the test result easily

Heating mode Electric heating. Nickel chromium alloy electric heater
Safety installation With over temperature protection, grounding etc.
Wind duct Forced air circulation channel, ensure that the studio uniform temperature;

air duct provided with a heater, temperature sensor

Adjustable air intake The control box and outlet air quantity, the casing is provided with an exhaust

can close or adjust discharge mouth to change wind effect.

Shelf  2pcs
Timing range 1-9999mins

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