Handheld Digital Storage Oscillometer LDS42010

l Vertical dual channel input, bandwidth 200MHz/100MHz;

l Sweep time base 50s/div ~ 1ns/div( or 5ns/div, 10ns/div);

l Maximum real time sampling 2.5Gsa/s or 1Gsa/s;

l Auto track function,sweep track, amplitude track and sweep amplitude auto track;

l Functions of Recall, Zoom and Cursor;

l Auto measurement for waveform parameter;

l Math calculation;

l Auto edge pulse width external video trig mode;

l Record function;

l DMM function;

l Photoelectrical isolated RS232, built in lithium batteries.

l 5.7 TFT screen with 640×480; It can display several parameters at the same time and choose them freely.

l DC/AC voltage can be used, lithium batteries built in, the working time is more than 4 hours;

l With small size, light weight and compact configuration and suitable to the moving environment.

Deskripsi Produk


Vertical LDS42010
Channel CH1 CH2
Input coupling AC, DC
Frequency bandwidth 200MHZ(LDS42010)
Rising time ≤1.75ns(LDS42010)
Deviation deflection 2mV/div~50V/div, 1-2-5, ±3%
Input impedance 1MΩ(±2%)//16pF(±2 pF)
Max. input voltage 400V(DC+AC peak) ≤400Hz
Vertical accuracy 3%±1pixel, 2 mV/div≤5%±1 pixel.
Vertical resolution 8 bits ADC
Common-mode restrain ratio DC≥20:1
Display ±4 div
Open noise ≤0.4div
Sweep time factor Rolling 50s/div~100ms/div; real time 50ms/div ~25ns/div; equivalent 10ns/div ~ 1ns/div
Sampling velocity Real time:1Gsa/s

Equivalent: 25Gsa/s

Horizontal Time resolution 40ps
Record length 50K
Storage depth 250k
Sampling mode Real time, equivalent, average(2/4/8/64 four scales can be set), peak value
Horizontal mode Main time base, main time base+ window expansion(×2, ×5, ×10)
Cursor readout accuracy ±(1% reading ±1 pixel)
Display range ±5div
Trig Trig source CH1, CH2 , external
Trig mode Auto, edge, external, video, pulse width
Hi-freq restrain Attenuate signal higher than 100KHz, trig sensitivity normal at DC ~10KHz
Low-freq restrain Attenuate signal lower than 10KHz, the sensitivity normal for above 100KHz
Trig level range ±4div
External trig Input impedance:1MΩ(±5%)//20pF(±2 pF)
Bandwidth :500KHz
Mode: auto, edge
Trig level:≤200mVp-p
Vedio trig TV-V:≥2div  TV-H:≥2div
Memo Memorizer 20
Output interface Photoelectrical isolated RS232
Digital meter Resolution 3-3/4
Imput impedance 10MΩ(±1%)//15Pf(±2pF)
Voltage measurement Range:400mV(0.1mV), 4V(0.001V),40V(0.01V), 400v(0.1V)
DC accuracy(Full scale):±2%
AC accuracy(Full scale):±(2% readout±3 pixel): freq 50Hz~1KHz
Resistor measurement Range:400Ω(0.1Ω), 4kΩ(0.001kΩ), 40kΩ(0.01kΩ), 400kΩ(0.1kΩ), 4MΩ(1kΩ), 40MΩ(0.01MΩ)
Accuracy(Full scale):less than 20MΩ ±(2% readout ± 5 pixel)

At 40MΩ ±(5% readout ± 5 pixel)

Current measure Range:4mA, 40mA, 4A
Accuracy(Full scale: 40mA, 400mA, 4A(±3% +10 words)

At 4mA, 4A(±5%+20words)

Short circuit measure Tell resistor<40Ω( beak)
Diod measurement Max. readout 1.4V
Display 5.7 inch LCD 640×480 lattice, backlight adjustable
Waveform zone Vertical 8div ×50 dots/div, horizontal 10div×50 dots/div
Powers supply AC 100V~240V/45Hz ~ 60Hz
Lithium batteries 7.2V/4A, the workable time around 4 hours.
Size 64H×169W×254D(mm)
Weight About 1.8kg

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