Metallography Abrasive Cutter

Metallography Abrasive Cutter

The Metallography Abrasive Cutter – TT-Cut-L is a sturdy floor model general purpose cutter. It has a large space in the cutting zone which offers the flexibility to use a wide variety of fixtures. The longitudinal table movement features a cross cutting area (Y-movement) and side movement (X-movement). The Metallography Abrasive Cutter – TT-Cut-L is suitable for variety of applications including gears and lengthy components.

The aluminium-cast base comes with recirculation coolant system, FRP hood, large viewing window, ample side opening for long components, cleaning hose, and safety lock included.

Deskripsi Produk


  • Sturdy floor model cutter for Metallographic sectioning
  • Rust proof steel construction
  • T-slot table
  • Splash proof, corrosion resistant with see through hood
  • Cooling by four high flow rate water jets to provide optimum cooling
  • Double vise design, cam vise option
  • Flash cleaning attachment with hook for mounting
  • Fluorescent light in the working area for clear illumination
  • Start button with key for safety
  • T Slot bed, cam vise
  • Cutting action Z and Y movements
  • Y Movement (Longitudinal sectioning)
Technical Specifications
Cutting Capacity  upto 110 mm dia
Motor  7.5HP motor
Spindle Speed  2880 RPM
Wheel dia.  304 mm / 355 mm (Max.)
Size of drain for coolant recirculation pump  65mm
Coolant tank capacity  150 L
Coolant Recirculation Pump  1 / 3 HP
Dimensions Machine: 1020 x 1260 x 1030 mm
Stand: 1320 x 1270 x 810 mm
Gross Weight 1400 Kg

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