Optical Fiber Cable Winding (Bending) Testing Machine

Optical Fiber Cable Winding Testing Machine

The Optical Fiber Cable Winding (Bending) Testing Machine TT-WTM is designed to determine the ability of an optical fiber cable or cable element to withstand bending around a test mandrel such as U bend and S bend.

Deskripsi Produk

Test Sample

The test sample is a representative cable length sufficient to carry out the specified test.


The apparatus is a simple mandrel of the specified diameter on which a cable sample can be wrapped tangentially in a close helix.


The sample is wrapped in a close helix around the mandrel at a uniform rate. Sufficient tension is applied to ensure that the sample contours the mandrel. The sample then is unwrapped.

A cycle consists of one wrapping and one unwrapping.

This test is often performed at low temperature to verify the cable ability to be installed at such temperatures without being damaged.

Pass / Fail Criteria

  • The attenuation must not change by more than a pre-determined value, typically 0.05dB.
  • The cable should not show any indications of mechanical failure, such as jacket cracks.

Technical Parameters:

  • Mandrel diameter (Drive): D200, D300 (mm)
  • Mandrel diameter (Slave): D300 (mm)
  • Positioning range of slave mandrel: 0-250 mm
  • Max. bending cycles: 1-9999 cycles
  • Winding frequency: 2-20 (clockwise / anticlockwise) cycles/min
  • Winding velocity: 12 r/min
  • Mass of weights for applying tension:
    • Total Weight: 27.5 Kg
    • Weight bracket: 5Kg
    • 4 pieces of 5Kg weight increment
    • 1 piece of 2.5 kg weight increment
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    • Working Frame:  1000x720x1300 mm
    • Control Console:  400x300x800 mm
  • Power: 3-phase, 50Hz, 1kW

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