Tensile Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II

The Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II is cost effective in motion control application of up to 3 axes. The motion control of the Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II is based on numerical control Technology. The Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II adopts a simple connectivity and a single commercially available USB cable is used for communication between the PC and control board which can be placed as per user preference.

Deskripsi Produk

Quick system setup:
PC-based NC board is easy to setup and can be placed beside the PC.

Easy to operate 
SamCut II simple operating structures, makes PC-based NC easy to use, even for beginners. 

Complex motion – Easy to program 
The control system uses the PC-based NC, can be easily operated and it supports versatile file formats such as NC(G-code), PLT and DXF as input file formats. 

Other functions of the Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II
3D tool-path, 3D zoom-in and zoom-out allows close examination of the path profile and lock restart function reduces loss.

Application for the Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II
TT-Cut II-M: Ferrous & Non- Ferrous metals and Plastics
TT-Cut II-T: Non- Ferrous metals, Steel, Titanium, steel alloys etc.

ControllerSpecifications of the Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II
DC Power inputs 5V, 24V
Interface to PC USB port
Interface Board 3 Axes Pulse Distribution Board
Control Axes 4 Axes Simultaneous Control
Input file format PLT, DXF, NC, HPGL
Block restart Just in case machining stops, restarting function is available for re-machining from the stopped point by using block count value.
3D Machining from 2D Drawings Repeat machining of each layer
Real time tool-path 3D Viewing, Zoom in, Zoom out
Others Manual jogging, Handle jogging
Automatic return to machining start point
Feed override, Feed rate
Acceleration,  Deceleration, etc.


Technical Specifications of the Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Cut II
TT-Cut II-M TT-Cut II-M6 TT-Cut II-M15 TT-Cut II-T
Max. X-Y feed speed (mm/min) 6,000 6,000 15,000 6,000
Main spindle taper BT-20 ISO 10 BT-20
Collet ER16 PC collet ø6 SK-6 ER16
Main spindle (RPM) 5,000 21,000 RPM 5,000
Main spindle motor AC Servo 750W High spindle motor 750W AC Servo 750W
ATC (Auto Tool Change) 5 tools, Z sensor
Controller PC-NC Motion control
Feed distance  (mm) 225x95x145
Machining range (mm) 225x95x145
X-Y table size (mm) 350×150
Feed method Dovetail guide, ball screw
Feed motor AC Servo
Operation method Touch screen / MPG
Repetition accuracy (mm) 0.005
Position accuracy (mm) 0.01
Power 110/220V Single phase(50/60Hz), 1.5kW
Machine dimensions 820x800x1600 mm(with table)
Machine weight Approx. 250kg(with table)

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