Sample Preparation Machine - TT-Tensile Lathe I

Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Tensile Lathe I

The Tensile Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Tensile Lathe I is a Compact NC Lathe for various metals and non metals. The motion control is based on numerical control technology, which is programmable for a range of specimens. The Turret head and the tail stock features in the lathe enable to operate the machine for various purposes and the spindle can reach speeds of 4000 rpm. The built-in cover protects the operator from dust and noise.

The controller is user friendly and does not require a highly qualified operator for machine operation. The machine is built with safety in mind and will halt all operation with the emergency switches provided.

Deskripsi Produk

Technical Specifications
TT-Tensile Lathe I-N TT-Tensile Lathe I-NS
Feed distance  120×200 mm  120×200 mm
 Swing over carriage  ø60
 Feed method  V bed, ball screw  V bed, ball screw
 Feed motor  AC Servo  AC Servo
 Max. feed speed  6,000 mm/min  6,000 mm/min
 Main spindle RPM  3,000 RPM  3,000 RPM
 Main spindle motor  AC Servo 750W  AC Servo 750W
 Tool turret  Gang type  6 tools
 Controller  Motion control  CNC control
 Operation method  OP panel / MPG  OP panel / MPG
 Repetition accuracy  0.005 mm  0.005 mm
 Position accuracy  0.01 mm  0.01 mm
 Power  110/220V Single phase(50/60Hz), 1.5kW  110/220V Single phase(50/60Hz), 1.5kW
 Machine dimensions  1200x600x1600 mm(with table)  900x900x1600 mm(with table)
 Machine weight  Approx. 200kg(with table)  Approx. 200kg(with table)
 Standard accessories  Machine table  3-jaw chuck, Machine table, Coolant provider

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