Torontech Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Temperature & Humidity Chamber

The Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber is widely used in temperature variation tests, cold resistance tests, and also with low-temperature storage in the fields of aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrument, electric products, materials, parts and components and equipment to analyze and evaluate the property and performance of samples under the simulated conditions.

Deskripsi Produk

Model CTH-100 CTH-225 CTH-500 CTH-800 CTH-1000
Workroom dimensions(cm) 45 x 45 x 50 50 x 60 x 75 70 x 80 x 90 80 x 100 x 100 100 x 100 x 100
Exterior dimensions(cm) 105 x 97 x 176.5 105 x 102 x 200 132x 132 x 217 147 x 152 x 231.5 167 x 152 x 231.5
Temperature range 0℃ ~+150 ℃
Temperature fluctuations ≤ ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature deviation ± 2.0 ℃
Humidity range 20% ~ 98% RH

Structure characteristics of the Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber

  • Inner chamber material: stainless steel plate Shell material: Stainless steel with texture treatment or high-quality cold rolled steel plate with static injection
  • Thermal-insulating material: high-density isocyanurate foam + glass fiber
  • Cable hole: inside diameter of Φ50, Φ80 , Φ100…
  • Heater: Nichrome electric heater
  • Humidifier: stainless steel electric vapor generation type UL-type humidifier
  • Mixing blower: centrifugal blower
  • Motor: condenser type
  • Castor: 4 active castors with braking
  • Observation window: built-in toughened glass in heating unit

Refrigerating system of the Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber

  • Refrigerant: environment-friendly R404 refrigerant
  • Closed-type and low-noise rotor compressor
  • Refrigeration mode: machinery compression single-step refrigeration (air-cooled condenser) and machinery compression dual cascade system refrigeration (air-cooled condenser)
  • R404 refrigerant: environmental protection refrigerants

Control system of the Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber

  • TEMI880 touch-type temperature and humidity programmable controller
  • Operating interface: LCD display
  • Temperature and humidity controller: touch-type LCD controller
  • Setting mode: touching type
  • Running mode: setting-up running and programmed running
  • Program: 100 groups in 1000 sections
  • Resolution: temperature: ± 0.1 ℃; humidity: ± 1%RH
  • Input: platinum thermal resistance
  • Control mode: PID control
  • Communication function: LAN network interface
  • Additional function: alarm and display function, power-off protection function, upper limit temperature alarm function, timing function (auto start and auto stop), self-diagnosis function, curve record and display function, paperless record, USB data export, tele-monitoring and so on.
  • It can execute 100 STEP X 10 PATTEM mode.
  • Each section can be grouped and executed in crossing way.
  • The execution time for each section can be set up between 0-999H plus 59min.
  • For setting up for each group, it can circulate within 1-999 in part or entirely for option.
  • In execution, it can select group circle picture or section execution picture and can know the remaining time for execution.
  • It has power-off function. After power recovery, it can complete the remained test.
  • It can select single-section control or multi-section programmable control.
  • Backlight brightness controll function and backlight timer.
  • Adjustable execution time for executing single-section controls
  • The memory-type multi-function control has automatic control output functions, such as heating and humidifying for the electromechanical solenoid valve for the different groups of refrigerating compressors, and so on.

Water supply

  • Water supply mode: water lifted by pump
  • Water supply port: convenient front water supply port
  • Water storage tank: built-in stainless steel fixed-type water storage tank (with a volume about 15L)

Safety Device

  • Humidifier dry-combustion protection, independent over-temperature protection, water shortage protection, over-current protection, refrigerant high-pressure protection switch, over-current circuit breaker, earth leakage protection and so on.
  • Operation ambient temperature: +5~+ 30℃
  • Power supply:AC220±10%V 50±0.5Hz single-phase double-wire + protective grounding wire/ AC380±10%V 50±0.5Hz three-phase four-wire+ protective grounding wire

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